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Conseil d'administration

  • The Board of Directors meets regularly. Are present: the members of the office: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and the members of the Board of Directors



  • The auditor intervenes during  the Annual General Meeting; session during which the moral report, the financial report are read and approved and the concert projects are given. The Board of Directors is renewed by outgoing third parties on this occasion. A representative of the Municipality is invited  during this work. The choir benefits from a subsidy  municipality for its operation and the loan of the rehearsal room. The amount of the contributions of the choir members is used for the various expenses incurred (Sacem, scores, equipment).


  • Annual contribution: the amount of the annual contribution adopted by the Board of Directors is75 euros to be paid within the month of registration. 

  • A reduced rate at25€ will be applied for minors, students and job seekers. For couples, the total contribution will be140euros.



Responsables de charges

Alain Hubinon : Bonne tenue de la chorale en concert. Site internet.

Christine Cholin : Relation avec la presse

Jean Dubois : Relation avec la mairie et la Sacem

Guilène Varache : et Brigitte Breton-Rostant : Partitions et photocopies

Marjorie Radoux : Gestion de FaceBook

Dominiq Debled : Organisation des concerts en collaboration avec Janet Kelsey

Janet Kelsey

Cheffe de choeur

Alain Hubinon


Jean Dubois


Dominiq Debled


Guilène Varache




Brigitte Breton-Rostant


Marjorie Radoux


Christine Cholin


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