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If you want to join us in this great adventure 


It is with great pleasure that we meet every Tuesday evening under the leadership of Janet Kelsey who knows  teach with positive pedagogy, leading our voice to the best of our ability.

Rehearsing together, obtaining the requested agreement, concentrating on preparing for concerts, harmonizing our voices with energy are all motivations experienced in a friendly and benevolent atmosphere.

Times of shared conviviality come to decorate the whole. Everyone brings according to these possibilities, nothing is compulsory.

The testimony of the choristers is explicit: all this enthusiasm makes the group vibrate!

 Know that...

  • We ask the choristers for a minimum of attendance. We are aware of  everyone's availability, but to maintain a level of excellence during concerts, it is essential to attend as many rehearsals as possible.

  • The attire during concerts (at your expense) must be as follows. For women, long black skirt, white blouse, black closed shoes (no barefoot).

  • Outfit for men: Black pants, white shirt, black (and waxed) shoes.

  • For concerts, a cockade for women and a scarf for men are provided by the choir.

  • For concerts, a black binder (not to be used during rehearsals) is provided by the choir.

  • On stage, you are asked not to chat between you during the inter-songs or during the interventions of the choir director.

  • Look at the chef and smile at the audience.

    Conditions of admission...

  • The recruitment of choristers is the responsibility of the choir director, who determines the desk best suited to the chorister and is done in consultation with the Bureau.

  • Members must complete a membership form.

  • Any member of the choir accepts to be photographed, filmed or recorded within the framework of the activities of the choir.

  • Each member must pay the annual subscription, the amount of which is determined each year and approved at the General Assembly. It contributes to the administrative costs, to the expenses of the choir director, to the organizational costs. It can be paid in 1, 2 or 3 instalments. The check(s) will be given at registration.

Règlement intérieur

Réglement intérieur

Status de l'asso

Status de l'asso.

Combien ça coute ?

The amount of the annual subscription adopted by the Board of Directors is 75 euros to be paid in the month of registration. 

A reduced rate of €25 will be applied for minors, students and job seekers. For couples, the total contribution will be 140 euros.

Salle de répétitions...

Out of curiosity... (but it's still the choir director who decides).

The tessitura is the scale of sounds that can be emitted by a voice without difficulty.

It is better to be in the right desk and give the best of yourself, than to stubbornly sit in a desk that is unsuited to your range and not be able to give what is expected of you.

You areSOPRANO if you can

Ride this range from SI to LA

You areALTI if you can

Ride this range from LA to MI

You areTENOR if you can

lower this range from SOL to SI

You areLOWif you can

lower this range from DO to FA

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